Amouranth Launches An “Adult NFT Marketplace”

The popular streamer Amouranth recently announced her plans to take on the platform OnlyFans by helping to launch an “adult NFT marketplace” called Shush Club. This comes in the wake of news that Amouranth will soon be starting up an “e-girl agency” in order to support “all the women who are interested in us helping them to streamline, optimize, and help provide assistants, editors, and so on for their content creation and fan site businesses.”

Amouranth is currently the second most popular female streamer on Twitch with over 5.5 million followers, behind only Pokimane who boasts more than nine million followers. Amouranth has become known for taking part in a variety of different entrepreneurial ventures including real estate, stocks, and small businesses. The streamer for example owns and operates a growing number of gas stations and a pool toy company. The partnership with Shush Club represents the latest in a long line of professional undertakings.


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“I’m super excited to be working with Shush Club on their content platform,” Amouranth revealed on Twitter, noting how the platform is going to “shake things up.” The streamer said that “with instant payouts and a marketing portal that actually connects content creators with affiliate marketing and advertising deals, Shush Club is going to be a total game changer.”

Shush Club is described as a “blockchain powered alternative to contemporary content platforms” which supposedly “empowers creators and fans alike by providing access to profitable marketing and investment opportunities in a space that is secure, efficient, and fair for all.” In addition to “traditional media formats,” Shush Club will have an “adult NFT marketplace.” According to the company, “Shush Club will offer content creators a seamless entry into this lucrative market.”

Shush Club has Amouranth listed as a Brand Advisor. “Currently the number one earner on OnlyFans, Amouranth has decided to branch out from content creation and put her wealth of experience to work as an advisor to Shush Club’s team and content creators while actively promoting the platform across social media.” How exactly this will impact her “e-girl agency” remains to be seen.

The streamer revealed back in July that she made over $30 million dollars from OnlyFans, nearly $1.5 million a month. She currently has plans to leave. In response to mounting criticism, Amouranth previously noted that switching to OnlyFans was about empowerment, describing the platform as a “much safer environment” than Twitch. The content creator added that “you get well compensated for it. It feels like you’re taking the power back rather than being a victim.”

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