5 Reasons to Be Bearish on Shiba Inu Price and Bullish on Tamadoge

The crypto market comprises several ecosystems. One of the top performing ones is the meme sub-sector. Composed of parody coins, the meme space has since crossed the $10 billion market valuation largely due to the ascension of the first joke cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.

The Shiba Inu coin was launched in mid-2020 as a direct rival to the Dogecoin project. Launched on the Ethereum network, Shiba Inu termed itself the Dogecoin killer. A report surfaced that Shiba Inu’s anonymous developer said the meme coin would displace the older joke digital asset.

The project has launched many updates, including ShibaSwap and a non-fungible token (NFT) game called Shiboshi NFTs. However, a fast-rising meme coin called Tamadoge is now taking the industry by storm.

TamadogeHere are a few reasons Tamadoge may be the next big thing in crypto and the meme space:

1. Tokenomics

One of the first things determining an asset’s future value is how many of the tokens are in circulation. In the case of the Shiba Inu coin, the Dogecoin killer reportedly has a current token circulation of 590 trillion and a total supply of 1 quadrillion. This makes the token inflationary by design as there is too much of the asset in the market, bringing about little purchasing power.

Meanwhile, the Tamadoge token is a deflationary cryptocurrency. From the start, the meme coin will have a maximum cap of 2 billion, and about 5% of every transaction executed will be permanently erased using the burning mechanism. 30% of the tokens spent will be used for marketing and development, while 65% will be added to the prize pool. Also, out of the tokens, about 30% of the total tokens will be unlocked in the next decade and used to fund the project.

2. Tamaverse

The metaverse is no longer a buzzword. Several top legacy tech companies are already exploring the space. Although the virtual reality was a far-off concept in the past decade, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have fast-tracked its development.

TamadogeThe Tamadoge project will feature a virtual reality space called the Tamaverse. Here, owners of soon-to-be-released Tamadoge NFTs can interact with one another and allow their digital pets to bond with others. Tamaverse will provide a virtual cocoon wherein Tamadoge NFTs can integrate with existing metaverse environments.

3. Mobile Functionality

Not settling with only a metaverse option, the Tamadoge team will also launch a standalone mobile app called the Tamadoge augmented reality (AR) app. Looking to add convenience to how users interact with their digital Tamadoge pets, the mobile experience will enable users to buy, feed, care for, and battle other Tamadoge NFTs.

Aside from serving as a bonding platform for holders and their pets, the app will also come packed with social features and rewards, enabling an entire social experience.

4. Gameplay

The platform will also feature a Tamadoge battling arena in Axie Infinity style. Here, Tamadoge pets will battle one another for experience points. The highest earner will be the top Doge on the Tamadoge leaderboard for the week.

TamadogeAlso, the winner will get the rewards in the play-to-earn (P2E) pool set for the week.

5. Anti-Rugpull

The crypto space is full of scam projects with anonymous founders stealing users’ funds once the presale is complete. Given this, genuine projects, and the best crypto presales, are usually verified on the CoinSniper platform. Tamadoge has also completed the CoinSniper know-your-customer (KYC) verification process.

TamadogeAlso, Tamadoge has audited its smart contracts on the Solid Proof platform to show that they are hack-proof.

Conclusion – 5 Reasons to Be Bearish on Shiba Inu Price and Bullish on Tamadoge

Shiba Inu took the world by storm when it skyrocketed by 21,000% in less than two weeks. Tamadoge is expected to hit even more phenomenal metrics once its presale is concluded. To buy Tamadoge, investors can easily visit the official website and tap on the ‘Buy’ icon.

After tapping the icon:

  • Connect a Metamask wallet,
  • Fund the wallet with either ETH or USDT, and
  • Swap either ETH or USDT for TAMA. The minimum investment is $15, and the minimum amount to buy is 1,000 TAMA tokens.
  • Once the presale is complete, visit the website in a month’s time, and tap on the ‘Claim’ button.

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